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CORE 6 school board protestors.jpg
images of CORE protesters throughout school board of education.

CORE members.jpeg
Pauline Warfield Frazier, Nate Smith, and Antoine Perot

Stanley Tolliver #1.mp3
This interview is in 3 parts. He discusses early Cleveland, 1940s black community, his development as a lawyer, and his initial activities in the civil rights movement.

Alice Huff.mp3
Alice Huffman discusses her time with Cleveland Target City and her subsequent interest in black power politics. Huffman also covers black political and economic power and the differences between CORE and groups like the Black Panther Party. There…

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 7.26.16 AM.png
Mapping Inequality introduces viewers to the records of the Home Owners Loan Corporation on a scale that is unprecedented. Visitors can browse over 150 interactive maps and roughly 5000 individual area descriptions to get a view of Depression-era…
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