Uncle Tony's Appointment Book

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These three appointment book pages lists the contacts Antoine Perot obtained during his time as Cleveland CORE Action Committee leader.  He played a pivotal role in Cleveland civil rights and he later went on to join national CORE office during its black power phase. 


Imagine that you are an activist, like Antoine Perot, who must plan a protest against voter disenfranchisement or another social justice issue of your choosing.  Develop an appointment calendar checklist which will help you:

1. create your support network

2. identify potential opposition

3. determine powerful decision makers

4. locate financial funding

5. publicize your demonstration

Your Address section should include short bios about each person you’ve chosen to meet and explain why you selected this specific individual.  

Also, organize the contact list in numerical order.  Who will you consult with first about your protest? Who is second, third, and so forth.  Explain this order and how it helps your strategy.

Your consultation list should include:

  1. Two (2) individuals or groups which might serve as a potential barrier.
  2. One (1) entity that can provide publicity for your movement
  3. One (1) sponsor who will donate financial assistance
  4. Three (3) organizational allies who will join your protest.
  5. Two (2) persons who hold positions that decide policy, laws, or regulations.
  6. Two (2) experts who can educate and analyze the underlying issues which led to your protest.

Your final product should include an appointment book and a short blurb on who you met, how they effect or influence your movement issue, when you met them, and what role the appointment book played in your strategy.